Lavinia Milner-Gray 

Location: Oxford, UK 
Company Name: Origin of Energy Health Coaching 
AMPLIFY-Level Speaker 
Phone Number: 07391446058 
Distance willing to travel: Up to 50 miles 
Face-to-face or virtual?: Both 
Expertise: Health & Wellness 
Speciality Topics: Holistic Health and Wellness Speaker 
Event Types: Online/Virtual Only, Charity, Conference, Intimate events, Networking meeting, Panel, Workshop 
Fee Options (face-to-face): Ask for pricing 
Fee Options (virtual): Ask for pricing 
I am Lavinia Milner-Gray Founder of Origin of Energy Health Coaching and certified and insured Health, Life and Exercise Nutrition Coach. I’ve worked in corporate banking for 16 years in Australia and the UK. Personally, I experienced how an unhealthy corporate lifestyle can be and how it can impact your work performance and engagement. It also impacts your home life. 
My diet was terrible, my schedule hectic making it difficult to focus. I was drinking excessively to not only fit in as I was working in a male dominated environment but also to take the hedge off the stress I was experiencing. Because of my lifestyle I was unhappy, drained of energy, anxious over work and my mental health impacted resulting in me experiencing frequent panic attacks that knocked my self-confidence, self-esteem my outlook on life and my physical wellbeing. I was dissatisfied with my career trajectory affecting my engagement and performance at work and overall disappointed with my life experiences. 
This went on for several years until one day I was sitting at my desk and I started to feel faint. I managed to get to the bathroom before having a full-blown panic attack. I couldn’t see properly everything was blurry. My chest was tight I was struggling for breath. I was dizzy, sweating and became completely disorientated. I dropped to the floor as I felt so ill and couldn’t stand. It was the worst experience I had. I didn’t think I was going to make it out of that bathroom on my own. It was then that I knew something had to change. This was the worst panic attack I had experienced. I knew then if I didn’t do something it was only going to get worse. 
I tried therapy and counselling but until I engaged a professional coach things started to change. 
My journey led me to explore coaching and become a certified coach to help others who are experiencing high stress as it is impacting how they engage with the world. I now work mainly with women in leading corporate roles to support and guide them in taking control of their health and improve their outlook on life. 
Recommendations and Testimonials: 
Sacha Clark 
Freelance Marketeer | LinkedIn Skills Trainer | Marketing Tutor | Problem Solver 
August 24, 2020, Sacha was a client of Lavinia’s 
Lavinia is such a gracious and generous coach. She joined a virtual Her GatHERing event over lockdown as a guest speaker. Her approach is warm, no nonsense with a refreshing directness which is so unusual in Nutrition Coaching. Lavinia was incredibly engaging and open making guests feel immediately comfortable as well as heard. I would highly recommend her, and will happily work with her again (hopefully in the near future). 
Have you previously booked Lavinia to speak at an event?  
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